Delivery and what I propose

You can check your delivery charges in the cart before the purchase validation

The conditions of sales and delivery : there is a CGV page which is tedious, you should theoretically read as I had the obligation to write it on a model. This is to protect both, the buyer and the seller. Like any internet business, you have a period of 14 working days to return your purchase if you were not satisfied at the following address : Les Bijoux de Lawrence, Mme Nathalie DUBOIS, 5 Impasse du Jujubier, 34160 Castries, FRANCE. Phone number : +(33) 0789571465 only for customers, (sms or calls). As I wish above all to etablish mutual trust, I think that when you receive your package, you immediately if you are happy or no. So in the case that you would be disappointed, I only ask you to let me know as soon as possible if you want to return the purchase. I will refund you upon receipt of the item, except for delivery charges and return postage.

For the delivery : I set the shipping costs by geolocation and I chose a delivery by Colissimo for necklaces ; for earrings, bracelets and other little articles I chose a letter followed.

Delivery rates letter followed (earrings-bracelets and small pieces such as pendants on leather): France : 3 euros. Europe and Internation : 7 euros.

Delivery rates Colissimo (necklaces, large pieces): France: 7 euros– Europe: 13 euros-International: 22 euros. You can check your delivery charges in the cart before the purchase validation. If you encounter any problem contact me by email.

Shipping costs are grouped for the purchase of several items.

Delivery packaging : Necklaces, bracelets and some earrings will be packaging in boxes and packaging. Earrings and some bracelets will be delivery in printy glossy paper sleeves and bubbles envelopes.

At footer, I put my SIRET Number, my name, my address and my mobile phone. As I told you I wish establish mutual trust. I remain at your disposal if you need more information. Don’t hesitate to contact, I will do my best to answer you quickly.

What I Propose : Unique Ceramic Jewelry entirely handmade, painted and varnished ceramic, the paint and varnish are also baked. Ceramic is light, comfortable, soft to the touch and doesn’t deteriorate. Once baked, it can no longer absorb water.

Poetry and magic around ceramic : clay or silt is throughed by water, by air and crystallizes by fire or by baking in a ceramic oven where it is heated until it becomes glowing. The earth is the cradle of humanity. In mythology, people placed silt at the foundation of life.

Porcelain, faience, sandstone, terracotta or ceramic, all these terms refer to various variations of clay, its composition more or less rich in minerals and enamelling techniques . porcelain for example is richer in kaolin, sandstone is a chamfered clay less refined, the only constant is that what refers to a ceramic is a baking at 800° Celsius minimum.

Paint and accessories of my jewelry : I use a special ceramic or porcelain paint and varnish. All my paints and varnishes are baked. Regarding my small accessories, some are stainless, this is particularly the case with the tiger tail steel cable, used for the most part in the assembly of chokers, necklaces and earrings. The hooks of earrings color metal are stainless. My jewels don’t contain precious metal like silver or gold, only simple and basic nickel free accessories. About clasps, these are either screw clasps, loobster or loops, the purpose being a simple use and resistance for a longevity of the jewel. I simply try to sublimate the ceramic in all its forms and colors, and hope to transmit you through my creations all the nobility and preciousness of ceramic.