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Jewelry : Fine bracelet, ceramic pearls, women/men, emerald abundance

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Emerald ceramic bracelet « Softy »: Reference BC27, weight: 13 grams (very light), suitable for a wrist with a diameter between 5 cm (loose effect) and 7.5 cm maximum, adjusted on an elastic nylon thread white with a diameter of 0.8 mm. Pretty translucent pearls in the middle. Knot cover and connectors in golden metal. All in finesse, this lovely and delicate bracelet is composed of 19 degressive ceramic pearls. The diameter of the central pearl is 1.6 cm. Emerald green color. Very comfortable, it is forgotten by its finesse and lightness. It can be worn with a loose effect. Beautiful. It is a great timeless classic bracelet combining sobriety and elegance. Because of its color and its composition can perfectly suit men. Delivered in its black box.

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