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Karly Ceramic Tie pearly white

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Adjustable length : this big necklace is particular. It’s a prototype that I created. It’s composed of three ceramic differents elements rided on a long slighty chevron leather lace (120 cm). The cabochon and the piece below that looks like a small bag are connected by an aluminum system and slide together on the leather slide, and the lace is finished by two ceramic tips.

So the cabochon can be more or less tight to the neck with a shirt for example. to adjust the length simply pull gently and alternately on both sides of the lace.

Size of cabochon : length : 4,5 cm, width : 3,2 cm and thickness : 2,5 cm, and total length of lace : 120 cm, may be reduce because the tips (length : 4,5 cm) are not glued but only nested, will be fixed at the time of sending.

Beautiful paint varnish and finishes. Unique pièce.

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