Women’s jewelry : Choker Ceramic balls, Mexican style « Havana »


Women’s jewelry : Choker Ceramic balls, Mexican style « Havana »: Reference CL49, weight: 250 grams, length from clasp to clasp: 44 cm, screw clasp, diameter: 15 cm. Assembled on stainless steel tiger tail cable. This choker is composed of 14 large ceramic round beads with an average diameter of 2.5 cm and a rectangular-tubular piece of ceramic 4 cm long. Large bronze metal connectors between each round pearl and black faceted pearls and bronze pearls near the clasp. Superb paint and varnish, tan color. Massive style with a weight of 250 grams which is not too heavy after all. Very beautiful finishes and resistant, it is a superb and unique piece.

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UGS : CL49 Catégorie :



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