Prices include International Delivery costs (outside the European Zone)

Women’s jewelry: Ceramic pearl set, choker, earrings and bracelet, red color

Red set: Bright, this mini set is all in finesse and lightness with a total weight of 25 grams for the set. The choker and the bracelet are adjusted on a nylon magic stretch thread (Rayer, 0.5 mm), which is resistant and takes back its size, the neck strap is threaded through the head. The earrings are adjusted on stainless steel cable, and stainless golden metal hooks. Lots of work, especially painting (+ varnish) for this simple looking little set. Simply lovely. Necklace diameter: 11 cm, bracelet diameter: 6 cm, unstretched, and length of the included hook earrings: 7.5 cm. Delivery costs included

70,00 $US

Women’s set jewelry : Ceramic necklace »Grain of Sand » and charm bracelet

Reference CL51. Lovely set, superb color. Sober, beautiful and elegant. Unique piece. Necklace composition: 23 decreasing pearls and many small quality ornamental elements. Necklace weight: 70 grams, necklace length from clasp to clasp: 51 cm, screw clasp. Bracelet composition: 15 decreasing beads + small ornamental elements and charm (quality). Bracelet length: 19 cm with bronze metal toogle clasp. Adjustment: The necklace and the bracelet are mounted on a stainless steel cable. Delivery costs included.

93,00 $US

Mixed jewelry: “Symphonie” black and white ceramic choker and bracelet set:

Reference CL64, A nice set on the theme of nature. Very classic with its alternating color lacquered white and anthracite black, this mixed set has a very nice effect. necklace weight: 37 grams. Diameter: 15 cm, Clasp length with clasp: 43 cm, lobster clasps. Assembly: stainless steel cable. Composition: 25 ceramic beads + ornamental elements. Bracelet composition: 18 cubic beads + ornamental elements. Diameter: 6 cm. Assembly: black elastic nylon thread, 1 mm in diameter, resistant. Shipping costs included.

73,00 $US


Jewelry: Necklace, bracelet and earrings set, ceramic beads, « Cloudy » blue tone

CL48. Superb small set in blue tones composed of a necklace with a beautiful length of 50 cm, ceramic beads with personalized painting and many quality ornamental accessories, fitted on a stainless steel cable, toogle clasp. The bracelet is mounted on elastic Rayher white nylon thread (0.8 mm), three rows, faceted glass beads and shiny pearls, unstretched diameter: 5.5 cm. The earrings are on stainless hooks, length 5 cm for a weight of 5 grams per earrings. Nature and fresh, it is a really lovely ornament. Delivery costs included.

79,00 $US

Jewelry: Choker set and ceramic bracelet « Coquille Saint Jacques » theme

Reference: CL52. A very beautiful classic and bright set, to wear every day. Simply beautiful. The necklace and bracelet are both fitted on a stainless steel cable. Necklace composition: 28 decreasing pearls + quality ornamental elements. Necklace weight: 70 g, clasp to clasp length: 45 cm, pretty toogle clasp. Bracelet composition: 15 fine pearls + ornamental elements. Bracelet length: 18 cm, lobster clasp. Delivery costs included.

93,00 $US

Women’s jewelry: Ceramic choker and bracelet set, purple color, « Charleston » range

Reference CL62. Bright and luminous, this set combining the colors purple, black and silver is enchanting. Unique piece. Necklace composition: 9 flat pieces, 4 strass pearls and black faceted pearls. Weight: <30 g, light, Clasp clasp length: 40 cm, Screw clasp. Adjusted on stainless steel cable, on two rows for this model. Bracelet: 16 ceramic pieces, connectors and lobster clasps. Clasp to clasp length: 19 cm, weight: 15 g. Adjusted on a steel cable (two rows). Shipping costs included.

78,00 $US

Jewelry: Women’s set, necklace, bracelet and earrings, ceramic beads, black and white color

PAR3CL20. Sober and bright, this black and white set is lovely. The necklace composed of 23 ceramic beads is fitted on a stainless steel cable and many small quality elements, pretty stainless flower cups, miyuki in the middle.. Length of 48 cm for a weight of 60 grams, screw clasp. The bracelet is adjusted on Rayher magic strech thread, doubled, (2 x 0.5 mm). it is easy to put on. Diameter 5.5 cm unstretched, composed of 9 ceramic beads + ornamental elements. Average wrist size, suitable for the majority. The earrings are adjusted on rigid steel wire, stainless hooks, with a length of 6 cm hooks included, weight: 4 grams per ear, very light. This classic and elegant little set is of good quality. Unique piece. Delivery costs included.

97,00 $US

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