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Nathalie Dubois

Why Ceramic Jewels ?

I was twenty years old when I discovered clay and I started to sculpt as an autodidact. Since this activity has always been a part of my path in parallel with a job. At that time, I also worked as an dental technician which is ultimately an area close to jewelry. What pushed me to make ceramic jewels ? Simply different events in my life, especially the end of an activity, and a discussion with a person.

Life shakes you sometimes, it pushes you into your deepest entrenchments, it gets you out of your relatively comfortable boredom, your routine falling apart. That’s exactly what happened to me.

I’d like through my work to please at people, offer beautiful and durable pieces, especially those which are adjusted on steel tiger cable. Continue to evolve, propose new creations. I let ideas come and go, some succeded, others don’t work.

I think I said the essential, I hope you’ll take pleasure to surf on my website and you’ll find a jewel made for you. I’ll purpose the customization of some jewels, within a reasonable limit of this artisanal work. You can contact me through social network or by the page « me contacter ». I’d try to answer you as soon as possible. If you want to know a little more on my work you can consult the page « The Confection », it will give you information about quality and the time spent on my work.


Nathalie DUBOIS

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