How to choose it’s jewel ?

A piece of jewelry that highlights you is a piece of jewelry with which you feel comfortable

You noticed a jewel that pleases you and you ask yourself if it will be convenient for you because you are a little lost in the flow of technical information in the article’s description I made. I’m gonna tell you how to use this technical information. This mainly concerns the chokers and bracelets, for long necklaces, their falling only depend on your size and stature.

  1. Chokers : I give two essential measures in the description, the total length from clasp to clasp and the diameter of the closed piece. The total length will tell you if you can close the piece or not. Measure your neck at the base without tightening and compare the numbers. The diameter will give you an additional information, namely, where the choker will fall. Don’t confuse circumference and diameter. To find your neck diameter, divide the number you found previously by the Pi number : 3,14. For example you found 38 centimeters of circumference, 38 divided by 3, 14 match to 12, 10 cm whether 12 centimeters. Simply compare this last number with the diameter number in the article’s description. I recommend a margin of at least two centimeters above, three or four centimeters give more ease. Don’t forget that chokers are adjusted on steel cable.
  2. Bracelets : To obtain your wrist diameter, it’s the same procedure that for chokers, measure without tightening the circumference of your wrist and divide by Pi number, 3,14. In article’s description I give the diameter interval, for example : convenient for a wrist diameter between 4 and 6 centimeters. If your diameter is next from the smallest number, the bracelet will have a slighty dropped effect, the maximum number is given for esthetic effect about little elements as cups and little beads, except for bracelets adjusted on steel cable where the maximum diameter is an imperative. Mostly, bracelets are adjusted on nylon thread, however it exists several ranges of bracelets, for example on aluminum with a manual tightening. If in the description I give you so much information it’s only to avoid disappointments and to give you satisfaction on your purchase.
  3. And above all : Remember that a piece of jewelry that highlights you is a piece of jewelry with which you feel comfortable, which corresponds to your personality. Comfort is also important for daily wear, bracelets with fine pearls will be more comfortable in everyday life, too large pearls can bother you to type on a keyboard for example. So bracelets with large pieces are preferred for leisure. The advantage with ceramic is its lightness, I give the weight of the articles so that you can get an idea.

I hope this will be helpful in the choice of your jewel. In any cases, do not hesitate to contact me by the contact form. If you want know more about the comfort of my jewels, I suggest you to consult my page  » What I propose ».