Necklace Shellfish and Crustaceans


Reference CL33- Necklace adjusted on steel tiger tail cable length clasp to clasp : 67 centimeters for a weight of 49 grams on the theme Shellfish and Crustaceans

Alternation Orange and Saffron yellow for the ceramic beads. Shell-shaped plastic beads and many others elements, connectors, miyuki, seed beads, acrilyc beads. 

I had a crush on small plastic shell beads and I decided to make a small collection on this theme while keeping the brightness of ceramics. Some sweet and cheerful colors. Can be worn with any outfit, t-shirt, shirt or dress without any pretensions, only to bring joy.  

I’m sure it will find a place in your accessories, made to last (on steel cable).

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Poids 500 g


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