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Iridescent White Necklace « Fragile »

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Reference CL25, Length : 27 cm, Length clasp to clasp : 58 cm, Weight : 50 grams (very light), adjusted on Steel Tiger Tail Cable, screw clasp.

Composed of 5 Link ceramic elements connected to each others by Aluminium loops, movable links. 16 oblong pavement beads and two round pearls to make the link with the steel cable and the last aluminium loop. I imagined this piece there’s few months now.

The central Link length is 4 centimeters, the other links between 3 and 3,5 cm. the oblong beads average length is 1,5 cm, average width : 0, 6 cm and average thicknesse : 0,6 cm. Before paint the links have been glazed to strengthen them. Little pearls champagne color beads in acrilyque and connector.

Paint and varnish. Very beautiful and iridescent.

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