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Calligraphy Bracelet

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Reference : BC 10, Weight ; 28 grams, suitable for a wrist of diameter between 5 and 7 cm.

I entirely imagined the design of this bracelet. It’s composed of black aluminum slats, leather on the internal side and an other slat of aluminium. a suede cord and three ceramic pieces. A central piece of dimension about 3 cm/2, 5 cm and the two others as tips for bracelet of dimension about 2/2 cm.

Beautiful Red Ruby for ceramic pieces and an Arab Calligraphy in Golden. The meaning of the calligraphy is « Heart ». Big work of paint and varnish baked. To put the bracelet it only needs to spread slightly to pass the edge of the wrist and tighten slightly for holding.

By the color and its conception, this Bracelet is perfectly suitable for men.

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