Mixed jewelry: metallic leaf green band adornment ring, enamelled ceramic, 11,5 US size

An ornamental ring for men or women, metallic leaf green color, with an internal diameter of 21 mm and a thickness between 2 mm to 3 mm, Width of the band: 1.4 cm. A bronze metal piece fixed with glue and baked varnish, no oxidation. Great effect, can be worn on the index or middle finger. Avoid sleeping with it or dropping it on hard ground. Delivery costs included.

42,00 $US

Women’s jewelry: Adjustable fancy ring, enamelled ceramic, tourbillon, white and gold

Tourbillon ring: Gold-colored tourbillon inlaid on a white lacquered background giving a sculptural, raw and ethnic effect. Enamelled, painted and varnished ceramic piece (baked varnish: 100 ° C) with a diameter of approximately 3.5 cm, slightly curved piece firmly fixed on an adjustable ring in stainless steel colored metal. The smallest ring size is a French 57 or US 8. Unique handcrafted piece. Delivery costs included.

26,00 $US

Prices include International Delivery costs (outside the European Zone)

Mixed jewelry: Enamelled ceramic ring for ornament, white and gold, a big 12,5 US size

Reference RG7. Massive and comfortable, weight: around 7 to 8 g so light. A very classic lacquered white and gold. Raw appearance. Very elegant. A large 68 French baguier Maty.. For all ceramic rings, I recommend taking a point above the usual size to avoid a tourniquet effect. Shipping costs included.

49,00 $US

Jewelry: royal blue band ring for ornament, enamelled ceramic a large 131/4 US size

Reference : RG6. An adornment band ring for men or women, large size, inner diameter 23 mm and a thickness about 2 mm, fine. Band width : 1,5 cm. Can be worn on the thumb, index finger or other. A bronze metal part fixed with glue and baked varnish, no oxidation. Avoid sleeping with it or dropping it on hard ground. Delivery costs included.

42,00 $US

Jewelry: Enamelled ceramic ring for ornament, black and gray, « Totem » US size 12

Reference RG4. Perfect for a middle finger, it can also be suitable for the index or ring finger. She is sober but is not made to be discreet, a massive beauty. weight about 7 to 8 grams, pure ceramic. Width of the ring: 12 mm, average thickness of the ring: 3.2 mm and height of the ring: 4 cm, Delivery costs included.

49,00 $US

Women’s jewelry : Ceramic ring and peacock feather, adjustable support in silver-colored metal alloy, green reflections

Reference: RG2, Atypical and original, this ring is full of relief and reflections under the light of the light, a lot of effect. The ceramic part is glazed and painted black. Insertion in the painting of peacock feather fragments, electric green color. Varnishing and firing, which explains the stitching at the level of the ring on the very close-up photos, new ring. Weight about 4 g. Ceramic piece firmly fixed to the ring plate, adjustable ring whose initial size is 59 on the French ring sizer Maty. Shipping costs included.

27,00 $US

Women’s jewelry: Ceramic ring and steel ring, black and gold, Half Moon, US size 6,5

Reference: RG3. Atypical and purely artisanal, it also has a refined side. The ring is lovely with its small flaws (prototype), small size (53), can be put on the little finger. The ring is made of steel wire with retention in the ceramic part, everything is fired together at around 900 °. Golden baked painting on a ring. Weight: 4 grams. Shipping costs included.

26,00 $US

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